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Richard Phillips and Juliana Strub were married on March 7th, 1790.  Richard's exact birthdate, death date and parentage are unsure, but it is likely that he was a grandson of "Old" Joseph Phillips who settled on the Yadkin River in the early 1700's.  Juliana Strub was the daughter of Johannes Strub and Elizabeth Loeliger who immigrated from Switzerland.  There are many spellings of this surname, including Stroop, Strupe and Straub.

Richard died sometime before 1803 and Juliana remarried, first to Johannes Meucke and then, after his death, to Gottlieb Spach.  She died in Winston-Salem in 1844 and is buried in the Moravian graveyard there.

Moravian records show Maria Magdalena living with a Brother Johann Christian Lehmanm and his wife Elizabeth.  Her maiden name was Schor, but she was a widow who had been married to man named Hauser and the Hauser's were neighbors and perhaps relatives of the Phillipses.  William's name and birthday also appear without further comment on parentage or children in the old Joseph Phillips Bible.  This would all seem to indicate that the children were all sent to the homes of different relatives to be raised after the death of their father.  The best guess so far, is that William went to live with one of his father's brothers.  Most likely his father was a grandson of Joseph Phillips, but which of Joseph's sons was his father is unclear.

There are five known children of Richard & Juliana Phillips:

  1. Mary Elizabeth, b. 17 APR 1793

  2. Salome, b. 29 DEC 1794

  3. Solomon, b. 12 May 1997

  4. William (or Wilhelm), twin b. 28 May 1800

  5. Maria Magdalena, twin b. 28 May 1800

Juliana remarried on 10 MAR 1803 to Johannes Meucke/Mickey. He had previously been married to Magdalena Hirte.  He and Juliana had at least two children:

  1. John Solomon (Johann Salomo), b. 21 DEC 1803

  2. Anna Susanna, b. 16 JUN 1806

Johannes died on the 6th of February 1806 and Juliana married for a third time several years later to Johann Gottlieb Spach.  He was a widower having previously married Martha Elisabeth Hege.  Moravian records shoq this marriage as July 18th, 1813.  There are no known children from this marriage and Gottlieb died less than a year later on May 8th, 1814.

The Salem Diary of the Moravian church has the following entry for September 5th, 1831:

Jacob Christman who has joined the Baptist denomination left today with his wife - whom we still regard as our Sister - and their two children for Indiana.  Her mother went with them (our widowed Sister Juliana Spach) in order to be of help to her daughter on the journey and to visit her other daughter, already living there. [Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, vol. 8 1823-1837, p. 3971.]

This daughter was Maria Magdalena.  The 1850 census for Union, Montgomery County, Indiana lists the family of Jacob Christman (age 52) as himself, his wife Polly (age 50), and a son Harvey N. (age 17).  Polly was a common nickname for Mary.

Juliana's 2nd daughter, Salome Phillips married Joshua Reuz/Rights in 1816 and died 6 years later.  There are no records of any children.  Joshua appears in the 1850 census in Indiana with his third wife, Margaret Waterson from Ireland.  It is not known when he moved to Indiana.

Johann Salomo (went by "Solomon") Mickey married sisters, first Gertrude Spach, and then her older sister Salome.  There are no known children from the first marriage and four from the second.

Anna Susanna married Theodore Christian Pfhol.

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Establishing Richard's parentage has been an ongoing and unresolved line of genealogical research since the late 1940's.  That is when my grandfather, Russell Roy Phillips, hired a professional genealogist named Luther N. Byrd to look into the matter.  A great deal of information was forthcoming, unfortunately, none of it conclusive.  I have recently scanned these letters and they are available in PDF format below.  Please note that I scanned them in at a fairly high resolution and the resulting PDF file is over 50 Mb.  I am trying to reduce the size by using OCR software and retyping, but I'm not done with that project yet.

The whole process is complicated by the fact that there appear to be two Richard Phillips's in what was then Stokes County and another in nearby Surry County and they were all probably related to each other.  One of these is Richard Phillips the uncle of Foster Phillips.  We know he is not Juliana's husband because the will was executed in 1816 well after Juliana's first husband died.  Another Richard Phillips is the one in Surry County who married Ann Logan.  The best guess is that one of these two was the Richard Phillips who fought as a soldier in the Revolutionary War and was nicknamed, "Black Dick".


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